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Enjoy the Amazing Magic as Gary Lazok enhances your special event.  Gary will entertain your guests as he performs what appear to be miracles happening right before their eyes. These unique and wonderful close-up Magical miracles are performed either table to table or joining groups while strolling or walking around.  Gary mixes comedy and quick wit in a light hearted manner making these shows very popular and entertaining to watch, and even more fun to participate...


Note: There’s always that time during the wedding procedure where the wedding party is taking pictures immediately after the service. The guests are directed to
the reception hall where they wait until the wedding party concludes the photo session.


Quite often the guests will be sitting at the table, or standing around and nobody is talking, mostly because they don’t know each other… This is where Gary brings your guests together, and makes new friends as everyone enjoys the Magic while laughing, clapping and enjoying magical moments together.