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You’ll be spellbound as you watch Gary West’s incredible jaw – dropping feats of *Magic*.  For over 20 years this popular western style Magic man has been wowing audiences while performing throughout the southwest, including Las Vegas.  Gary mixes the fascinating world of magic with a new western flare while adding his sparkling wit and good humor. And with audience participation, this show is fun and exciting as the comedy, Magic & Mystery continues which creates wonderful memories that will last forever.





Four gold coins will disappear (one at a time) from Gary’s hand, only to somehow “Magically” reappear in the other. The fun and excitement builds as three large coins will disappear from his hand (again, one at a time) only to reappear in Your Hands! “Unbelievable”. You will see playing cards melt right through themselves. Then, an audience member selected at random takes the deck of cards and, as everyone watches, the impossible begins to happen. Then there are the incredible rope routines, the balls, the scarves, the rings, water magic, money magic and much more! .




Enjoy the hilarious story and the Amazing Magic of Gary West. The magic started at an early age for Mr. West, and has continued till today. As everyone will see unusual objects appearing from out of “nowhere”, and then, vanish? The fun, laughter and Magic continues with stories about the Crazy chicken eggs, Bull Riding & the 10’ pole, the Gold and Diamond mine, the Cannon Ball Express, “Double Draw” poker, those Amazing Ropes. Gary also performs the mysterious Miners cup and the original, authentic “Indian Medicine Bag” routine. And he is the only one that performs the famous, Bullet Card. With audience participation this show is fun, exciting and designed for all audiences….. It’s a must see!




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