Drivers, Start your engines!


This Amazing Magical performance is Fast, Fun and Exciting as Gary brings to the table a unique form of Magical Racing Entertainment. The Fun starts as anyone selects a driver of their choice, they then drive a scale racecar to an Amazing and Unbelievable finish line... You won’t believe your eyes!


Everyone will experience an Amazing sensation as they become part of the show. With the car key in their hand, it will seem to “come alive” while everyone watches as the impossible begins to happen…


Awe Nuts / Bolts: Before the next race, the racing team took their engine completely apart, however upon rebuilding it, the mechanics ended up with some extra parts… Everyone watches as Gary will cause those extra parts to disappear. Only to reappear from one place to another, and back again, and then to an Amazing shocking ending…


8 Spare Tires: The Fun continues as the Pit Crew always has extra tires..   And as each tire is needed,  (And one at a time), each and every tire will completely Vanish before your eyes, only to Magically reappear somewhere down on the track….. This incredible effect is repeated over and over and then again once more with an Amazingly Surprise finish….


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